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Today’s executive job market is more competitive than and radically different from the past. Change carries more risk than ever. Do you have an advocate that will help you reach your full potential?

Since 1997 we have placed over 400 top-performing candidates across the United States in rewarding and highly-visible executive roles with room to advance.

People tell us they like our no-nonsense approach. We don’t waste your time and energy on a position that is not a superior match for both you and the employer. What makes you tick and what you need to grow matters to us.

When you partner with Largent & Associates, your application makes it to the top of the pile. We help you shine through grueling, multi-stage interview processes. And we’re your biggest fan when you score your career goal.

Are you ready to level up in life with a partner you can trust?

Exact-Match Placements

Our in-depth assessments, interview process, and detailed company profiles ensure your next position is a perfect fit.

Streamlined Process

From “hello” to “hired,” we prepare you to exceed at every stage. Isn’t it time to accelerate and elevate your job search?

Respect You Deserve

With us, no question goes unanswered. We update you on your progress—good news or bad—keeping you moving forward.

Positions We Fill

Insider knowledge is key to effective recruiting. That’s why we only place executives in the industry that we know best: Life Sciences.

Our recruiters obsess over hiring trends, read between job description lines, and grill potential employers to make sure the next step in your career is the best move you ever make.

Served by L&A

  1. Biotechnology
  2. Drug Discovery & Development
  3. Medical Device
  4. Pharmaceuticals
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  1. President
  2. Vice President
  3. C-level
  4. Board of Directors
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Stay Razor Sharp

When you’re hunting for the best, every edge helps. We offer practical insight and useful tips for creating your personal brand and effectively communicating your unique value—over the phone, in person, and online.



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I thoroughly enjoyed every step of the process. I was very impressed with the candor and professionalism.

Alan Barr

I have already recommended Largent & Associates to others. They are the best at what they do. Would recommend them to anyone looking for a career change and/or upgrade.

Ramont Turnball

I enjoyed working with L&A on this opportunity, and our frank and open communications during the process.

Randy L.

I really appreciate you circling back with me regarding the opportunity… Thank you again for all of your assistance along the way. It’s been fun working with you!

Larry P.

I appreciated the open and honest communication.

Jose Felix Medina Pardo

Kyle was willing to challenge me on what I was looking for, I truly appreciated his willingness to be honest and direct.

Dena Strong

In my job search experience I don’t often get the benefit of such feedback. I really appreciate it … – thank you.

Steven P.

I will never consider it a waste of time or be annoyed with…questions regarding reasons for interest on a particular opportunity. Compensation is not my number one factor in my current job search. Location and company culture are at the top of my list.

John M.

I would like to thank L&A for the prompt response to my application submission… I look forward to working with them…

Len K.

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