To Compensation and Beyond!

To Compensation and Beyond!

We are currently in a candidate-driven marketplace when it comes to hiring new employees, but meeting a candidate’s wants is easier said than done.

In the past, it is hasn’t been nearly as difficult to win the race in balancing the many factors of compensation. Employers are asking themselves what can the they afford, what is the value of the position they’re recruiting for, what is the compensation of current employees,  and what is the market value for the combination of experience, proficiencies and education that are necessary to make a given position highly productive?

Meanwhile, candidates are seeing new recruiting trends splashed all over the news and social media. While employers are trying to adjust to these new trends and make it to the finish line, candidates are asking themselves what they want for compensation, what kind of flexibility they want from an employer, what kind of benefits they want, and what kind of culture do they want to work in every day.

Employers should be engaging potential candidates during every part of the hiring process. There’s no better time than the application and interview process to discuss a candidate’s expectations and wants as well as present non-compensation related aspects of working for their company such as culture, the importance of the work being done, the visibility of the position and opportunities to grow professionally and personally.

Employers can start by reviewing their descriptions for open jobs.  Be honest, would you apply to that position?  Also, are your job descriptions written with mobile technology in mind? If the answer is no, the position and more importantly the opportunity within your company aren’t being sold to potential candidates.

Applying some thought and effort in the hiring process will greatly improve a company’s adaptability to this changing market and help retain current employees.

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