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Our process starts with a simple, yet important, question: What does an executive need to accomplish in order to “exceed expectations” on his or her first performance review?

By setting the bar high from the beginning and establishing clear expectations along the way, we build relationships with employers and candidates based on trust.

Trust reveals a high level of insight into any candidate, which is why employers tell us our candidates are consistently superior to recruits from other firms. Our candidates not only succeed on day one but also continue to outperform year after year.

There’s more to a job than a description. Failure to fully communicate expectations can lead to costly and demoralizing turnover within the first year. From our experience, companies hire for competency but fire for culture fit.

To reduce turnover risk, we take the time to understand the nuances of the executive position you need to fill.

We ask you about strategic hiring objectives. We note internal dynamics. And we sink our teeth in your company’s culture to really get a flavor for what works and what doesn’t.

When you work with Largent & Associates, the question isn’t whether a candidate is competent; rather, it is which candidate is the best fit with your leadership team?

During our thorough recruiting process, we develop a screening questionnaire(s) based on your unique hiring objectives that:

  • Creates a level playing field for all candidates
  • Articulates a candidates’ scope of experience in standard terms
  • Captures how the selection committee views and interprets candidates and their experiences

Our Custom Recruiting Scorecard is a collaboratively developed document that facilitates “buy-in” from the whole leadership team. Ultimately, the scorecard makes hiring decisions more objective and easier for employers.

If you had to self-assess your company’s current recruiting “pitch,” would you say it is:

INSPIRING – Does it deliver the extra “sizzle?” After all, top-level candidates care about more than just money, they’re looking for purpose.

DIFFERENT – Is your job description high-level HR fluff, or does it proactively address the questions a candidate is going to want to know?

AUTHENTIC – Does the description sound like it’s coming from a real person?

From our in-depth assessment process and Custom Recruiting Scorecards, we form a compelling elevator pitch that represents your brand and engages the most sought-after leaders.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to find the right candidate?

The longer a job goes unfilled, the messier and more expensive it gets.

That’s why we focus on streamlining our recruitment efforts to deliver top candidates faster. Typically, we find the candidate that’s going to be hired with 2-6 weeks. Bottom line, we do not waste your time.

How do I reduce the time I spend interviewing?

If your role description is clear and accurate, your interviews will be shorter.

When you partner with Largent & Associates, we help you clarify position descriptions from the start. We work with you to include key performance metrics into your job description so both parties—candidate and employer—are on the same page.

What region does Largent & Associates serve?

Our executive recruiters are based in Vancouver, Washington and our geographical focus is Portland, Oregon; Seattle, Washington; and San Francisco, California. However, we also place nationally and recruit globally.

What are the advantages of working with a boutique recruiting firm?

Executive hiring is time sensitive; there are both real and opportunity costs with any open leadership role.

During this period, effective messaging is critical.

We are able to present your position in a manner that engages high-performing candidates while accurately representing a role’s accountabilities and performance expectations. A well-aligned message, between the recruiter and the hiring organization, is critical to forming a positive and lasting relationship with future staff.

As a boutique executive recruiting firm, our candidate engagement and vetting strategies are unique to each position we fill and company we serve. We advocate for what is best for your business.

How much time can I expect to spend interviewing candidates?

Each hour you spend interviewing a candidate is one hour lost from your normal working day.

Our internationally recognized assessments and rigorous vetting process (including a pre-interview with each candidate) mean you interview fewer people for a shorter period of time.

How do I minimize the turnover risk?

What if your new employee turnover was half of your competitors’? How could you reinvest that time and money saved?

Our goal is to help you hire the right candidate the first time. Out of our 400+ executive placements, only 6 fell out. The industry average is 20.

In which industries does Largent & Associates work?

We offer executive search solutions in the Life Science and Medical-related industries including Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices. By serving specific industries, our recruiters understand market needs better than firms that recruit across sectors.

How can I protect my brand during an executive search?

Protecting any brand starts with messaging. Communication must be compelling, accurate, and consistent with how the hiring manager expresses accountabilities and expectations.

While great messaging is a good start, it is just one part of any candidate’s experience with your brand. We focus on direct communication, accurate information, and courteous services.  Candidates that are treated with respect are significantly more likely to develop a positive attitude towards your brand.

You can trust our recruiters to be your brand ambassadors throughout the entire executive search process.

Find the perfect fit with our finely-tuned process.

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