Who We Are

Raising Executive Search Standards Since 1997

The Story of Largent & Associates


In his 20+ year career in capital equipment sales in the technology and medical industries, Kyle Largent was recruited a number of times. He noticed that the process was often problematic—for both the employer and candidate.

Companies struggled to find hires who met their expectations and were good cultural fits. Candidates were often “left in the dark” during the process due to limited feedback from recruiters. Ultimately, turnover rates were high.

Kyle knew there had to be a way to improve the recruitment process. Applying his sales processes and skills learned selling capital equipment, Kyle founded Largent & Associates in 1997 to achieve better executive recruiting outcomes for all stakeholders in the Life Science and Medical industries.

His unique approach uses a process that creates a level playing field for all candidates, making vetting and selection easier and more effective for hiring authorities.

Clients of Largent & Associates value that our first step is to understand the vision a hiring manager has for a given position. After all, effective vetting hinges on accurately communicating expectations. Additionally, our vetting process is executed consistently. This not only creates a better experience for candidates but also allows us to gather and organize relevant information, supporting data-driven hiring decisions.

Efficient Placement

From first contact to final placement, our executive search process is a well-oiled machine, unearthing top talent within weeks.

Thorough Vetting

We dig deep to define hiring objectives and then deploy a consistent evaluation process to identify qualified candidates in a sea of well-written resumes.


Effective executive recruiting is a two-way street. We work hard to foster a respectful environment in which both employers and candidates feel confident.

Industry Focused

Our placement specialists only recruit in the Life Science and Medical industries and are attune to niche hiring trends

Experienced Recruiters

After successfully placing more than 400 candidates, our recruiters have a knack for finding leaders that fit.

Reliable Support

We’ve ditched the 9-5 model in favor of complete accessibility. We’re here when you need us most.

Our Culture & Community


At their cores, our recruiters are relationship builders unafraid of challenging searches. The company’s success stems from our professional and direct services and our ability to communicate effectively. Throughout the entire executive search process, we strive to ensure all stakeholders have fruitful and enjoyable experiences.

In addition to serving our hiring partners and candidates, we want our community to thrive.

We support many associations and organizations that encourage gender equality, STEM education, human resources management, career development, and community growth.

Our Values


Authenticity matters in recruiting and it is at the heart of every relationship we build.


With futures at stake, we prioritize courteous and honest communication.


Our recruiting process is straightforward and clearly laid out from beginning to end.

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